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Watch Out for the Drift

Updated: Jun 15, 2019

God will sometimes use the simplest moments to teach you a lesson. My family and I LOVE the beach and one day we went because the weather was perfect for swimming. We lounged around in the water talking about life, nature, God, etc., and it wasn't long before we realized we were a great distance away from our belongings that rested on the beach. We were so caught up in our conversation, we didn't notice how far away we drifted.

Have you ever been there spiritually? One day you feel so close to God you can barely breathe and a few days, weeks or months later you feel like God is far away but you can't put a finger on how it happened? It all starts with one choice. The choice to not read your Bible today could lead to not reading it tomorrow and that can turn into you reading your Bible ONLY on Sundays as the Pastor is preaching. The choice to miss church this week could lead to missing church all year. The choice to not pray today could lead to you not having a prayer life at all. Today, God reminded me that when I don't spend time with Him, it is by choice and my choices have caused me to drift away from Him. These were His words:

A time is coming and now is, when the true worshipers will worship Me in Spirit and in truth. Will you be one of them? Will you be counted as a true worshiper? You have done great things in My Name during this process of learning who I am but now I see you drifting away. Beware of the drift because the further away you go, the more difficult it is to return.

I want you back sweet daughter (son). I want you back to that place where you were determined to hear my voice in the secret place. You wanted to know Me, see Me and taste Me. For this reason, I am injecting new hunger for Me into your veins. I am giving you a craving for My Presence. What you do with it is up to you! In the past I have encountered you, met you where you were and now it is your turn to come after Me. Chase after Me, daughter (son)! Push pass the tiredness, the laziness and all of the other excuses.

I am doing a new thing in you. I am painting on the canvas of your life. I am creating a worshipful masterpiece. Your worship of Me will lead those around you into true freedom. Through your worship, the captive will be set free, the lost will be found and those who ran away will find their way home. The things you have done and seen this past year are a taste of what is to come. Greater things than these. Signs and wonders will follow you wherever you go. Prosperity will be your shawl. You will know the finer things in this life. Your name may not be known but your worship of Me will.

Lay down your life for Me! Put down your hopes and desires and pick up My mantle. What I have in store for you is so much better. Discipline yourself! Do the thing that I told you to do. Oh My sweet child, do not give up now. This is only the beginning. The fun stuff hasn't even started yet. Lay it all down. Forget about what we did yesterday. You can't feast on stale bread forever, no matter how good it tasted when you first ate it. It's a new day, a new season. Things in your life are about to get a little crazy. Don't overthink... just DO! I will work things out in your favor. Stay the course and watch Me do what I do. I promise you that these changes in your life are for your benefit. All things will work together for your good. It may feel a little tough right now but hang in there. In three months you will see what I have been preparing for you.

I love you so much and I am proud of you. Even though you don't feel worthy, I still love you and chose you. My heart belongs to you and longs for more of you. Being with you is such a joy and a pleasure. Don't keep drifting away. Swim back to the safety of My arms. I have great plans for you but I will not force you to obey. Open your heart to me and I will come in and dine with you. I have planted the seed of my love in you, it's up to you to cultivate it!

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