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Trust Fall

Updated: Jun 8, 2019

I’m in my bedroom listening to worship music when I begin to have this encounter with God. I felt His love envelope me like a baby wrapped in a blanket and I can’t help but melt before Him. As I begin to cry out to the Lord, I come to this moment where I say, “God, I don’t want to be in control anymore. I’m letting go.” I felt this surge of power come over me and I began to shake my head uncontrollably. I felt as though I was shaking something loose in my own mind.

I continued worshipping when suddenly, I saw myself on the top of a cliff looking down at the waves violently crashing against the rocks. What should have been a scary scene was surprisingly peaceful. I turned around until my back was facing the ocean. I stood for a moment with my face lifted towards heaven and I smiled as the wind blew across my face. I stretched my arms out wide and I fell backwards off the cliff. The vision ends before I hit the water.

I then hear the Lord whisper, “This is the real trust fall. This is not the trust fall man does where you are caught before you hit the ground. With My trust fall, when you let go, I allow you to fall into the ocean. My trust fall is the kind that gets better when you are in over your head.

He goes on to say, "My trust fall teaches you to trust Me to take you further into the deep and not worry about how you are going to breathe. I want you to trust Me completely. Give yourself over to Me and allow Me to take you into the deepest depths. The undiscovered places where most men dare not venture. You see, the ocean is My Holy Spirit and I want you to fall into Me. Let go and fall into the glory of My Presence. Fall into the untapped fullness of who I am. When you let go, I promise that you would never want to come out of the water. Your human body will adapt to the pressure of being under water. You will learn to breathe in a new way. You will learn to swim and navigate around or through whatever you find there. Simply, let go and fall into Me. People have been enthralled by Peter walking on water coming towards Me and I want them to experience being under water IN ME! There is more to Me than these simple manifestations. Yet, most will not even attempt to fall in. I am opening the door for you to fall in. To go deeper in Me. To see the inner workings of My Spirit. Moments ago, you declared that you are ready to let go. My response to you is this: it’s deeper than you could imagine, but I have you. I will not let go of you. You don’t have to try. You don’t have to swim. You don’t have to dive. Just fall… I got you!”

All I could say is, "Here I am, Lord. I’m letting go and falling into You!"

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