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Two Minutes with God

This morning I slept through my usual time that I would spend before God. I went to work as usual only to realize that we didn't have a patient scheduled early so I will have some time alone. I unfortunately began to play a game and wasted the extra time I had. Before I knew it, I had approximately two minutes left before my co-workers would most likely begin to arrive. I thought why even try but God responded, "two minutes with Me is better than a whole day without." I immediately placed my earbuds in my ears, turned on some music and entered into our secret place.

I heard Steffany Frizzel-Gretzinger spontaneously sing in my ears "His banner over me is love." Then I had a vision of me standing and I saw a banner over me with the word "LOVE" written on it. She continued to say, "and the enemy could read it." Then God said, "not only could the enemy see it but those around you could see it too. Your life is the evidence of my love. When I cover you with my love, all can see it." I began to think of how amazing His love is. There is nothing this banner of love can't cover. This love covers a multitude of sins. This love breaks yokes and chains. It makes all the difference.

Two minutes in God's presence and He chose to reassure me of His love for me and that it covers me. Two minutes in His presence and I feel like I am the only person on the earth that matters to Him, as though this was an exclusive gift. Two minutes and He shifted everything. He did more in two minutes than I have done in two months.

That two minutes led to me journaling what He spoke to me, without noticing my co-workers arriving. As I began to write I heard Jenn Johnson sing "Come to Me, 'cause I'm all you need." I felt those lyrics and continued writing all that God showed me. At that moment, my Pastor texted me. I began sharing with him what God had been showing me even before this morning. How isolated I have been feeling in this season. How God keeps reminding me that in Exodus 24, Moses began the journey with others but there was a point where he had to leave them and enter the cloud alone. Moses' temporary isolation became a benefit to God's people. This text communication turned into prophetic words spoken by both of us for both of us. My Pastor became this ball of fire and began to spew God's thoughts and plans for our church. He ended our communication with "This is just a drop in the bucket of what God has shown me this week and what God is showing you is VITAL! It's a key part. Get ready to deliver the message." Wait! What message...?

As we were communicating, a friend from church also text me this message, "As I was praying for you this morning, these words were dropped into my head. You are doing important Kingdom work. Stay steadfast in His will. Do not grow weary. He will give you strength to endure." After reading these words, tears poured from my eyes. I found myself outside my office building crying and filled with God's Presence. Out there, God showed me a vision that confirmed what I was feeling. He spoke into my life and I felt my faith increasing.

I said all of this to say Moses waited six days on the mountain but was in the cloud of God's glory for forty days and nights. I spent two minutes with God this morning and that led to three hours of outpouring, encounters, visions, prophetic words. God never said we had to spend a specific amount of time with Him, He only wants us to come. I am challenging you today to take some time whether it be two minutes or two hours and be with God. He has a message for you. His words are life, allow Him to speak to you. I don't want to imagine what this day would be like without my two minutes alone with Him. Those two minutes changed everything!

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