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The Secret Place

This morning during my prayer time I had a vision. It was a little girl dressed in a 1950's style, full length, wool coat with a matching hat. She looks somewhat similar to Shirley Temple without the curls. This little girl starts walking through a long tunnel with a rounded ceiling but it has the appearance and lighting of an airport. I see other people all around talking to each other and carrying on with their business but it doesn't look crowded. No one notices the little girl but me and I can't help but wonder why is she alone? As she walks down this long hallway, she occasionally looks behind her as if to make sure I'm still following her... and I am.

This little girl then walks towards a mahogany door and opens it. From where I am standing in the hallway, the room appears to be in darkness so I stood still. Before walking into the room, the girl pauses and looks back to see if I'm following. She signals for me to keep coming as she enters the door, which closes behind her. I follow her.

As I enter the room, I instantly become visually impaired by the sudden darkness however, I notice on the other side of the room there is another doorway with no door. The room on the other side of the doorway seems extremely bright but it doesn't light up the room I'm currently in. As my eyes slowly adjust to the darkness around me, I see the little girl walking towards the door of the brightly lit room. Suddenly, I see a man standing next to me. He is dressed like a 1950's Humphrey Bogart style detective (long trench coat, hat, etc.). At first I am startled by his sudden appearance but I don't feel afraid of him or how close he is. He reaches out to give me a pair of sunglasses (Son glasses). He then says, "you need to wear these to protect your eyes because the room you are about to enter will be extremely bright and your natural eyes can not handle what you are going to see without protection." I take the sunglasses and put them on as I walked towards the little girl in the doorway who is waiting for me to catch up.

I walk through the door only to see the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life and all from a bird's eye view. It was like I stepped out on a glass ledge and I looked down at the splendor of the world below me or like I was flying above this magnificent, majestic new world. With one glance, I see waterfalls, rainbows, tall, green mountains, plenty of trees all around. I am almost blinded by the brightness of all the colors even with the protection of the sunglasses. Beautiful flowers, the bluest sky, the whitest clouds, birds all chirping in harmony. There were multiple animals but everything and every animal seemed to live in harmony. It was peacefully quiet. The beauty of this place astounds me. I don't have the words that would fully describe what I see. Even the words I just used seem to diminish the beauty of what I am seeing. Is this what the Garden of Eden looked like? Or heaven? It's indescribable!

As I stare in amazement, I found myself asking God, "Why did you show me this place especially when there are no words to describe what I see to others?" He replied, "It is not for you to tell others about! This is our secret place. You've discovered the place you and I can come to enjoy, alone. This place isn't for anyone to see. My sweet daughter this is where you come to be intimate with me. Now let's enjoy each other's presence as I show you the secrets of this secret place. Let's explore this new world, together."

"This is why the scriptures say:

Things never discovered or heard of before, things beyond our ability to imagine -

These are the many things God has in store for all His lovers.

But God now unveils these profound realities to us by the Spirit. Yes, He has revealed to us His inmost heart and deepest mysteries through the Holy Spirit, who constantly explores all things.

1 Corinthians 2:9-10 (The Passion Translation)

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