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Power Outage

Tonight, as I was watching television, I heard a loud cracking sound, another loud noise then the power went out. It quickly came back on but I got up to look outside and I saw a tree had fallen onto a power line. I immediately called the power company and as I was on the phone the transformer made three loud pops and the power was out again.

While waiting for the power company to restore the power, I decided to get caught up on some reading. I participate with a book club and I'm a few chapters behind. After an hour or so, the power company had removed the tree and the lights came back on. I put the book down to go check on my family. the power went back out again but this time, for much longer. I found myself laying on my bed in the shadowy light of a single scented candle. Then I thought, I should be using this time to talk to God. It was then I realized that I barely spent any time with Him in the past few days. I mean I had the constant thoughts and conversation but I had no quiet time. I wasn't still before Him. That was when we began to speak.

Me: Why did it take me so long to think to use this time as time in Your presence?

God: Because you are in the middle of a power outage.

Me: I get it. I have no power right now because I haven't spend any time with you. (I said with shame and guilt)

God: Oh sweet daughter, the power I give is not based on what you do. It is a gift. A free gift from the Father to you. There is nothing that you could do to revoke it. However, there is something you could do that would stir it up and give it strength and that is what you are missing by not spending more time with me. You have seen SOME of my power at work but there is more. Again, I say to you, 'more of me will require more of you.' This is not just about your time. There is a part of you that really needs to be transformed and that is your mind. You have been released to proclaim my word and show my glory, yet you have become comfortable in a few manifestations of my character. I have so much more in store for you, the question is do you want what I have created you for?

As with the power outage you saw moments ago in the natural, a heavy tree fell on the powerline and the pressure or tension where the line is connected to the transformer caused the power to go out. Not just for your house but for the entire neighborhood. You see, when there is something that affects your connection to the power source, the power goes out and it doesn't only affect you, but those around you as well. So you have to restore the power the only way possible and that is through prayer. I allowed a tree to fall tonight just to get your attention. I needed to re-connect with you because I have a work for you to do. Your season of rest is over. It's time to put in some work for the harvest is ripe but the laborers are few.

It wasn't even a minute after this that the power came back on again.

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